Lynette van Tonder Conceptual Visual Artist








Fragments is the culmination of work done at the University of Johnnesburg 2016 in pursuit of a BTECH degree in Fine Art.

A body of work comprising mapping, printmaking, stitching, live performance and resluting video installation, was exhibited at the FADA (faculty of Art, design and architecture at UJ) on 15 november 2016.

Presiding lecturers: Vedant Nanackchant, (HOD), Prof Kim Berman, Gordon Froud, Minette Vari, Shoni Netshai, David paton, Bronwyn Findlay.

Opening Speaker: David Paton.

This body of work is based on the search for personal and collective identity as a white female artist living and working in Johannesburg. Individual identity, affected by various governing structures, is delicate, inter-related and shared. From colonialism, post-colonialism, apartheid to the recent years of transformation, all have had an effect on spatial and social structures in and around Johannesburg which is evident even from space, and is visible on a map.




Equinox opens 1 September 2016 at 6 pm at Halifax Art Gallery, 35a, Fourth Avenue, Parkhurst, Johannesburg.

Participating Artists: Gordon Froud, Marina Louw, Laurel Holmes, Ingrid E Uys.

Opening Speaker: Sharon Sampson

At the equinox of Spring, day and night are of equal length anywhere on the planet. In this seemingly calm state of equality, alignment, and balance lie concepts of contrast, diametrically opposed, reminding us of inexorable impermanence. In this exhibition, artists explore and demonstrate the tenacity of life, the concepts of awakening and renewal. Using various media, the body of work celebrates Spring with an exhibition of inspiration, hope, and abundance.




For an online experience of Lynette van Tonder's latest solo exhibition URBANISM please click on the following link: