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August whispered and Spring came / Mono print on paper / 30 x 42 / ev


Equinox opens 1 September 2016 at 6 pm at Halifax Art Gallery, 35a, Fourth Avenue, Parkhurst, Johannesburg.

Participating Artists: Gordon Froud, Marina Louw, Laurel Holmes, Ingrid E Uys.

Opening Speaker: Sharon Sampson

At the equinox of Spring, day and night are of equal length anywhere on the planet. In this seemingly calm state of equality, alignment, and balance lie concepts of contrast, diametrically opposed, reminding us of inexorable impermanence. In this exhibition, artists explore and demonstrate the tenacity of life, the concepts of awakening and renewal. Using various media, the body of work celebrates Spring with an exhibition of inspiration, hope, and abundance.

Other works by Lynette Van Tonder on Equinox include prints and mixed media on paper and material:

freshly_packed_dreams_mixed media onpapershe_comes_on_the_windfirst-drops_mono print




Monoprints - Portraits


to view URBANISM please click on the following link:



Urbanism (June 2015) reflects on the relationship
between a Euro-African woman and her mother-city, Johannesburg.
Issues of safety, integrity, femininity and politics are addressed.

Architect Adolf Loos stated that architecture (the house) is obliged to bring comfort,
whereas works of art must produce discomfort and challenge the status quo.
In Urbanism, architecture embodies the source of discomfort.
Buildings and structures represent masculine strength, beautiful and stoic,
apparently fulfilling some grand purpose while the female form embodies fragility,
human fickleness and fading physical beauty.

In a wrestling match between artist, medium and message, contrasting subject
matter such as relationship, isolation, bravery and fear create tension
bringing about the images. Elements of chaos and violence form part
of the creative process as perfectionist takes on flawed humanity.

Mark making is integral to the message.
In a repetitive process of covering and exposing, controlling
and relinquishing all control, the images are created.
Layers are exposed and hidden behind societal masks, revealing unexpected
beauty when imperfection and brokenness is embraced.



COME Performance art piece at Joburg Fringe

A performance installation at the Joburg Fringe 11 - 13 September 2015
Arts on Main, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg.

COME, is a physical performance plea for Divine intervention into our
desperate situation as a nation and a global community. 
The dire statistics of Primary school girls as young as 9 years old
becoming pregnant (in South Africa) due to various
socio-economic issues, such as rape, financial grants offered by the government
and the disturbing prevalence of sugar-daddies.
Unemployment, drought, food and water security and the epic unabated farm murders
as well as broken families are issues for which we apparently have no solutions of ourselves.

Our incapacity to solve these problems by our own human efforts is self-evident.

Art has the ability to change the world by changing perceptions for the better. 
However, issues of financial pressure force many artists to compromise their creative voice.
Fear of poverty on the one side and greed on the other manipulate pricing structures,
leading to the idea that an artist is a person that has to pay the public to view,
absorb or discard their work at will, like a fast food commodity,
rendering the world changing voice mute.

the beginning on 11 Sept 2015

passers by

prostrate at the Fringe




Cascades of dreams

COVERED a solo exhibition of mostly charcoal on paper at Upstairs@Bamboo Melville, South Africa
31 August 2012 – 11 September 2012

COVERED deals with issues of forgiveness and healing from secondary abuse.
If abuse is ignored by family and society it results in a secondary much more sinister form fo abuse.




Parkhurst Soul

standing_at_the_opening_mono_prints _silver_spoon_sketch

Parkhurst Soul - a curated group exhibition at Halifax Art in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. June 2015
The Limited Edition (10) photographic works are reflections of life in the gallery.

Monoprints, sketches and paintings are available.


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